Dating American Vs Panamanian guys

As an Au Pair, I lived in California for almost two years and I must say it was really hard at the end leaving the US; Just the thought of leaving behind friends and nice people I met while I was there was heartbreaking.

But at the beginning it wasn’t like that. I had no friends, I had nowhere to go, no parties to attend, no one to go to the movies with; and what I really wanted was to meet new places, somewhere I could go to dance or the best stores to go shopping.

Anyways, speaking with my polish friend also an Au Pair, we realized it’s not that easy to be part of a group of people in the US and being foreign doesn’t make it easier.

So the fastest way to actually meet someone and get out of the house was dating, so I got into Tinder after a month being there and it worked! Between September and December I got the chance to go meet SFO at a very low cost, went to two Halloween parties and got invited to two Office Xmas parties and people who really knows me, knows I never dated that much in Panama before. In 4 months being in the US I dated more than I did my whole life in Panama.
WHY?  I guess I just put myself out there, I really wanted to get out of the house so dating weird random guys was my hobby.
I have to admit it was risky, but I needed to do something else than being home, so grabbing my car keys and driving 23 miles or so to meet some stranger was a routine after work.

The guys I dated could have been boyfriend material but I wasn’t looking for that AT ALL, I used to get impressed date after date as I realized they are so different from what I was used to.


Based on MY EXPERIENCE, this is what I could find out:





Always on time

They make decisions

They love to talk about what they do for living

They ask you questions about yourself

They feel fascinated for dating a latina

They are 75% nerdy

They have great careers  but it’s important for them to spend time on a hobby they like

They’re very independent

They are sensitive and thoughtful

Some of them are very honest like it or not, others tend to be fake.

For some of them is more important what you have than who you are


They hardly judge you, but some of them think they already figured you out

They’re fun and kind on a first date

They let you know they’re really trying in the first date

Some of them take tinder or Bumble seriously

Terrible dancers

If  I say I’m a dancer they’ll think I’m a goddess

They are good listener

Most of them like Adventures more than parties

Some of them  are very slow

They are very straightforward in sex matters

A lot of them does not have too much experience with girls because during education they are mostly separated and doing different activities.

Some of them are super shy, Some of them are dicks

Typical date is just watching movies together at the living room and eat snacks

They are also very positive people, mostly smiling and happy to help you.


Hardly on time

They avoid making a decision and they let you do it instead

They don’t give much details of what they do for living

Hardly make smart  or interesting questions

They think they’re MACHOS by nature

They are fascinated for white/ european  women

They are afraid of commitment and family

No sensitivity

They rather lie instead of telling the awful truth

Not many of them are open minded

They label you for how you look like

Any girl they meet through an app can’t be a girlfriend material

Good dancers

They get nervous at the first date but they’ll never admit it

If I say I’m a dancer they’ll think I’m a whore

They don’t listen

They like talking about their ex girlfriends

Most of them like parties more than adventures

They want to score in the first date

If you’re not single you are very interesting

They want to make you think sex is the least though on their minds.

Don’t get surprised if the one you’re dating with is already married, has a girlfriend or is dating other girls.
If you’re stronger or smarter, they feel very small and uncomfortable.

Typical date: dinner or a beach day.

They hardly talk about their feelings.

I have no preferences between them, but man I could tell the differences right away, Americans tend to be more welcoming and caring than Panamanians in my case, maybe because they found me exotic which it’s totally understandable and I took advantage of that.

It was fun and really kept me busy during the first year; dating was a great way to have a real taste of the American culture and lifestyle.

If you’re either american or panamanian don’t feel offended, this is not written in stone. I LOVE BOTH SIDES AND THE BEAUTY OF IT IS THE CULTURAL DIFFERENCES!!


Special Thanks to Aga, I couldn’t put this list together without you !!

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