And was that the moment when we had to say good bye
Two strangers, one night  
And he asked for a kiss
Our very first kiss
I didn’t see that coming

“I think I’m in love with you” he said 
My body got frozen, my heart started pounding
Words won’t come out of my mouth
And he kept saying those beautiful words 
No one has ever said to me before

When I look into his light brown eyes
I realize who I’ve been waiting for so long
Is finally here, right in front of me
and my heart cannot believe it
It’s jumping with joy, we finally did it!
“I love you”, he said
Oh shit I gotta say something back!
But this enormous happiness that has invaded me inside
Won’t just let me speak up
Right after he said it
I looked into his eyes Speechless…

I found love when I found him
He’s the answer, it all make sense,
He’s kindness, he’s love, my addiction, I just can’t get enough.  
I feel rewarded, lucky, blessed
But… Why him?
Why me? 
Why not before?
No clue… but the moment I’ve been waiting for has come.
Life heard my prayers in tears every night 
“I want to be truly loved” I asked
I don’t know what to do… I don’t know what to say 
But his endless love will guide me find the way,
while I still remain Speechless.


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