The fake Wedding Ring

When we’re in love, we do the craziest things, but somehow no matter how crazy they are, it makes you feel you’re doing the right thing…

I was so in love, so committed, and had certainty about our feelings that I felt kinda guilty when other guys tried to hit on me, get to know me, or try to date me.
I realized I was so bad at saying NO whenever they tried to get my number or saying the truth about my long distance relationship.
I’m just bad at saying No, because either way I was there, alone, training, or drinking, or dancing and had no one waiting for me back home, so they had the right to hit on me cuz only me knew what was really going on.

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SO I had the brilliant idea on wearing a ring and use it as a “Men Repeller” and that way I didn’t have to explain anything, just have them look at my hand and see I was committed to a relationship, or married.
I wore this ring for almost two months to mainly be respected and realized GUYS DON’T FUCKING CARE ABOUT THAT!! They didn’t care! It didn’t work!!

I was expecting not to get hit on, be treated differently, not even have anybody to look at me, but it was kinda all the way around.

When I see some guy with a wedding ring, it means he’s taken, right? Am I right? Is that what you also think? Why would you try to get to know someone is already taken?

Here are some guessing:

  • To have an affair
  • Married/engaged people tend to look interesting
  • One night stand
  • Everyone who’s married gives a shit about it…

The experiment failed… but I learn a lot about this, and this is the important part for me:

  • I was afraid I wasn’t ready to share the rest of my life with someone… I am ready
  • I thought I wasn’t ready to let other guys (that I might also like) know I’m not available
  • I hate rings, I usually lose them, I don’t even wear my quinceanera ring cuz I’ve lost it so many times. But this one meant a lot that I still have it… well I almost lost it at the gym once, but I was committed to have it and found it back!
  • I felt so in love, the ring gave me confidence. It didn’t mean I was taken… it meant: “Someone out there loves me”

Now I can’t take it off!! I got used to wear it all the time at all times and if I don’t, I feel naked. I might never get married, I might never know how it really feels but at least I have an idea.

Now it just means “I’m single but you have to get to know me better to know that”

TRY IT AND LET ME KNOW! you might get different results than me for sure!!

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