How to trick a Panamanian Guy

Men complain all the time about women… they say that we’re crazy, they just have to give us love instead of trying to understand us, they struggle because we are so complicated, but the last few months all I’ve been doing is trying to figure them out.

Guys, you’re all complicated as well, and believe it or not, single women like me are trying to understand what the hell is going on your heads and what do you want.

On this chapter, I’ll be focusing only on Panamanian guys.

I’m tired… I’m exhausted, I don’t want to think about it anymore, but I have to let people know what I’ve been debating with all this time, my questions and doubts, maybe someone out there has an answer that could light me.

80% of standard Panamanian women are raised under the impression that we have to study, and get a great job, get our own stuff, that we have to be leaders, that we can’t be stay-home-moms just like our grandmothers back in those days.

We now have to help our husbands to build a family and bring the bread home; but what we never were taught is that men (around 50%) wouldn’t match someone like us unless we show them that after all those qualities imposed by the society, WE NEED THEM and we are nothing without them.

Yeah, it’s a fun game to play but it’s exhausting. If we show a little bit of independence they get scared, they feel overwhelmed as they need to feel they are taking care of us and our needs.

They don’t feel comfortable when we are one step ahead, we have to BE or PRETEND TO BE one step below them in order to have them by our side no matter what.

There was this guy that he said he liked me a lot, but he only knew my Facebook page, so I told him to help me with an experiment and had him to take a look very closely to my Instagram page and for the next three days I would text him back to see what deduction he has about me as a person (Just wanted to make sure I’m giving the right message about me on social media). Well apparently all I got is to scare him away, because he said I seem to have a lot a people surrounding me all the time and that it looks like I don’t need anybody to be happy. So now I wonder… what he was supposed to see on my profile that wouldn’t scared him away? Not many friends? a non-successful page? someone whose life is boring probably…? and that I’m sad and lonely? May be motivational posts saying “This day will be better for me” “waiting for the love of my life” “I feel so empty inside”… blah blah blah…

Literally, men (50%) like women that are not competitive, or at least noncompetitive to them. We gotta have less friends, less popularity, have to make less money, have an OK job with an OK salary…

May be I’m overreacting but damn it works so well for let’s say Colombian women in Panama, who has nothing in their pockets, they are very very kind to them and they are the ones that know how to treat them…

These women should have a master in couple’s relationship; they will always need help from them, which is a way to give them power, and not only that, they also know how to give them love. Yeah… Guys need love. Panamanian men say Panamanian women are tough, and they are right! So stop complaining over the fact that they’re are marring Colombians with no hesitation.

So are you girls taking notes?

  • Be or pretend to be one step below them

  • Be dependable

  • Be nice to them and give them love EVERY SECOND, EVERY MINUTE, EVERY DAY

Oh I’ve been learning my lesson and it’s kinda fun playing stupid sometimes, but I can’t hide the fact that I never needed anyone to be happy and that I’m a leader and very independent; I am working on being kind and give them all the love they need, trying hard not to be tough and competitive; that way MAYBE I’ll match someone.

Worst case scenario I can always go to Colombia and learn from the best !!

The remaining 50% of men are marring Panamanian women where in some cases they live in a toxic relationship till death do them apart.


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