Wear a Mask

“Welcome aboard the Pandemic flight, with destination to survival. Before you seat and relax make sure you follow the safety procedures: stay home… if you go out, wear a mask… wash your hands and enjoy yourselves because it’s going to be a very long journey… seat tight and enjoy your flight…”

Happy to sit down and write instead of training today… Training is mandatory for me but also is to say what I feel, so this is the time to do it for the sake of my soul.

We all had plans for this year… everything was going just perfect, I dare to say that after moving back to Panama  was the first time I felt that everything was going perfectly right and the way I wanted, I was so ready to move on, I was just as independent as I always wanted, rented a place, was on my own again, job was lovely, was even proposing to myself meeting someone special and have another chance, but as you see… COVID-19 happened and fucked us all up… right when I had everything figured out…   

Is amazing how I plan ahead, without even trying too hard, cuz as humans we tend to always keep busy and keep the ball rolling, so I set some goals.

 As a flight attendant eventually I was planning to stop flying and stay in my country full time to get back to auditioning… oh I really loved my job, flying all over America, meeting amazing people, trying all kinds of food, but still I was jealous of the regular daily living of a normal Panamanian, I missed being onstage… I’m an artist and I feel that’s where I belong.

COVID-19 happened, lost my job and with my job went away all the chances to keep on moving forward and being independent… couldn’t afford my rent anymore so went back to my parents’ house, and here I am.

But that’s not the point, things have changed now, and there’s something in common we’re all pursuing: TO SURVIVE.

WE ALL HAVE PLANS, we all have bills to pay, we need to work, we all miss our friends and family, but now SAFETY IS FIRST. I want to be clear: wear a mask or every hard work you’re doing now, and all the plans you might have for future would crumble in just one blink.

Being sick with COVID-19 is not nice, I dare you to do the research! my intention is not to freak you out but to be aware. This virus is no joke, and it’s coming after us no matter our religion, our social status, our nationality, our skin color, this virus has come to stay and we have to learn how to live with it.

Lots of people is dying… please… if you take care of yourself you’ll be taking care of your loved ones…I think after all the Pandemic situation (which is depressing), trust me when I say that it could get more depressing went infecting a relative or a friend for ignoring safety procedures… so please WEAR A MASK.

Protect yourself internally and externally. That will help you to survive.

Externally wear a mask, wash your hands, if you go out take a shower right after coming back home and have go-out shoes and stay-home shoes. If you go out, is because is your last resource, but avoid doing it.

Here in Panama the government has restricted the liberty to go out: women can go out on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and men on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

On Sundays no one should be out at the streets. We also have a specific time of the day to go out in addition to the dates mentioned above, the hours you can go out is dictated by the last number of your ID, it’s CRAZY!! I know… we had freedom and we took it for granted, now the government dictates what time and what day you can run your errands.

But if you don’t need to go out, DON’T DO IT. I know is a big challenge staying home, but we have to… to survive…

Internally stay positive, try not to get depressed; depression lead us to a very weak immunological system and that way we can easily get sick and we don’t want that.

We have plenty of options: Zoom with friends, reading, social media, create, start an online business… if you ever wanted to be your own boss and start something on your own, THIS IS YOUR MOMENT, if you don’t do it now, you’ll regret it later, do something, have a reason to wake up, this is your chance to be a better person, a better citizen, this is your change to improve yourself in every way…

Let me share something I’ve been doing during the quarantine period.

According to Jim Kwik we need to train and unlock our brain, and a good way to start is to have a routine everyday, so here’s the routine I do upon his suggestion:

  • I wake up.
  • Ignore the phone.
  • First thing is to remember my dreams, this is a tough one.
  • Then I get up and make my bed.
  • After that I brush my teeth using my left hand (I’m right handed and at the beginning is hard but trust me, it works) this awakes another part of your brain.
  • Then I work out, I do yoga or some weights.
  • I have breakfast, and drink tea (coffee lovers would drink coffee).
  • I write down a list of my daily tasks or goals.
  • I also try to eat well, there are specific brain foods (dark chocolate, broccoli, fish…)
  • The next day I repeat.

Why training my brain? Because I need to be better, I have this job that demands me a lot and after 4 years literally vacationing I needed to bring my brain back on track so I’m still working on it.

There are so many opportunities out there, I encourage you to try something different, if you’re mostly home, you have plenty of options: you could even study online, learn a new language for example, learn how to cook… you got the message, just don’t get stuck on the person you were at the beginning of the quarantine.

If you are the same person after the quarantine, you will have failed as a citizen.

Again, wear a mask, keep yourself safe… we will survive.



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