3 Jobs And 0 Boyfriends…

It’s been a while since I wrote my last post… I apologize… life happens and I find myself working nonstop to live, to achieve, to grant myself living well off my three jobs I currently have…

Yes! You read it right, I have three jobs.

Cerro La Cruz, Chicá, Panamá

The one I love the most is at AU PAIR PANAMA COACH where I’m helping soon-to-be Au Pairs to thrive and go through the, sometimes scary and painful, process.

I’m there to tell them to suck it up and that everything is going to be fine. I’ve been Coach Yulz every day and every night for the last 10 months and I love it. I also help these girls with their English skills, and the results have been fantastic, some of them have successfully passed the interviews while the others have packed their bags to USA.  My method works, and I’m glad I can help them out to live one of the biggest experiences of their lives.

The third job is at the theatre… if I’m lucky in less than two moths I’ll be going back on stage doing what I love to do the most: performing.

I’ve been visiting mountains, over and over again, loving the nature, driving to the beach, getting my feet on the ground, connecting with my surroundings… it is a good mental health therapy. Try it, and if you can, try it alone and listen to your thoughts…

But yes, 3 jobs, and zero boyfriends, no significant other to relieve the 3 jobs stress… to spend time with other than myself, no one to have a Sunday breakfast, no one to wake up next to, no one to watch the sunrise with, no one to fight with, no one to watch scary movies with, no one to spend family awkward moments with, to text with as in fact the only text I receive are from my clients and my mom. HEY don’t laugh, I ache… is not that I know what is it like to have the above described but I’ve imagined it over and over again in my head with several people and seems kinda fun.

I’ve dated a bunch of losers, YES, I’ve been friend-zoned twice, YES, I’ve been in dating apps, YES, I’ve been slightly sexually harassed, YES, I’ve put myself out there, available, but no positive results. I’m not rushing, but frequently I spoil myself with everything I want, because “I am my favorite person,” and I give myself all the treats I demand and a relationship is one of them so I’m working on it to not let myself down.

But I guess is not working, that responsibility is not 100% on my shoulders…

All attempts have failed for now, so at this point I’m very close to change that “I want a relationship” demand to “I want a bigger car”… is easier I guess, feasible and REALISTIC.

Maybe I was born to hang out a long-term life with myself, or is this is the Universe telling me that I’m better off alone, notwithstanding right now I can’t understand why?


I saw a news report the other day,—I never watch the news—but what this journalist said got me thinking… The news report was about some dog and its owner, and the beautiful relationship they had, how they take care of each other, the dog’s owner even said: “I can live without my mother but not without my dog”, it was actually cheesy but, the news coverage had point, pets can become a very important part of your life, and I thought… maybe that’s what I need! A puppy!

So I went to this adoption center, and OMG, have you ever tried that before? They have an endless list of requirements for the soon-to-be-owner and I can say that from a list of 12+ requirements I have 6! The part that stated: “all the family has to agree with your decision” let me down, also they mentioned you need to have an apartment or a fenced house with plenty of green space for the dog… and nope, I don’t have any of those… they also said you need to dedicate them at least one hour to walk them… and nope, I have three jobs, remember? I barely walk myself to get some air—omg I’m so dramatic!

I went back home heartbroken…

I’m not only not-eligible for a relationship, but also for adopting a dog…

Tragic huh?

Well… gotta go, my 3 jobs are waiting…


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