De Todo a la Nada

Sentada en algún lugar en Sur América se realiza un ritual de invocación sin tener idea de cuál seria el resultado, ella se sentía con muchas fuerzas esta vez para enfrentarlo. Luego de una larga espera la invocación funcionó, después de tantas noches de haberlo soñado, después de que su mente lo hubiese deseado, después … More De Todo a la Nada

Sexy & Guilty

I was raised Catholic… I was a believer… I wanted to do the right thing, that’s why I always did as I was told. My parents avoided talking to me about sex, they thought: “the least she knows the better”. That was me: A 22 year old virgin at college. No experience with boyfriends or … More Sexy & Guilty

Ecstasy Éxtasis

A place in time where nothing else exist, just me and him, one bedroom, one bed. Laying naked on top of him I perceive a peaceful silence in my soul; my brain is blank but my heart it’s full of joy… Breathing his same air, I just stop being myself… I’m not myself anymore, I’m … More Ecstasy Éxtasis


And was that the moment when we had to say good bye Two strangers, one night   And he asked for a kiss Our very first kiss I didn’t see that coming Speechless… “I think I’m in love with you” he said  My body got frozen, my heart started pounding Words won’t come out of my mouth … More Speechless