-“He never loved me… he never will… he never cared.” She whispers… Seating in her car parked outside her house after a long day at work. It was 8:00 in the morning. She worked all night, but the fatigue from working won’t let her forget the pain. –“He never loved me, he never will, he never … More G R I E F

Sexy & Guilty

I was raised Catholic… I was a believer… I wanted to do the right thing, that’s why I always did as I was told. My parents avoided talking to me about sex, they thought: “the least she knows the better”. That was me: A 22 year old virgin at college. No experience with boyfriends or … More Sexy & Guilty

Ecstasy Éxtasis

A place in time where nothing else exist, just me and him, one bedroom, one bed. Laying naked on top of him I perceive a peaceful silence in my soul; my brain is blank but my heart it’s full of joy… Breathing his same air, I just stop being myself… I’m not myself anymore, I’m … More Ecstasy Éxtasis