2019 Los Angeles


“Don’t be afraid of being sexy, or feeling confidence…”

I remember feeling shy that day…I wasn’t sure about this… it was a long time not having contact with this photographer, so it took a few seconds to get comfortable.

I remember thinking: “Am I beautiful enough? I’m barely wearing make-up…, I have pimples… I just started going to the gym again, I don’t think I can pull this off, I’m not on a diet, do my hair looks ok this way?”

So many things, but suddenly I had to let go and trust in him, there was a reason why he kept on clicking his Cannon camera, and something on his gaze encouraged  me not to be afraid. Despite we know we’re beautiful, feels good having someone external letting us know that, there are days with insecurities… Same happens with love… even if you know it’s there, even if you’ve done everything to demonstrate it, you gotta say it. Don’t let insecurities take place in your feelings.

Back in that hotel room in LA, love was in the air…

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