Flight Attendants are not DUMB!

I don’t even know for how long we’ve been in this lockdown… I just stopped counting days long time ago.

At some point I just decided continuing with my life the way it is right now, at the point of feeling comfortable with this new reality…

Right now I’m at my friends little’s food spot they improvised during quarantine as they are very talented, WILD BURGER. This place has been my new favorite spot for the last X months… In another article, I’ll explain why.

But worth mentioning they have they juiciest burgers in La Chorrera town… See it for yourself.

Moving on, I’m fine… but I can’t still overcome that one thing I’ve lost thanks to this situation…

I lost the best job in the world someone lonely like me could ever have.

Even though I decided to become a flight attendant for the wrong reasons (simply put: to see my boyfriend from California more often).
It felt so right… I was finally settling down in Panama after 2 years living abroad. I left to get better opportunities and when I came back was exactly what I got with this job. I literally have sprat my wings, and felt well compensated by a good salary (more that I could ask for) which always kept me motivated.

I gave it all…
I never told anyone about my job, it was my best kept secret. People have a certain perspective about flight attendants, can’t blame them…
All I can say is that not all of us are the way people think we are…

But I’m here not to talk about those myths, but to share everything I’ve learn… because it could be over now, but this job let me eyes wide open and a great life teaching that now looking back I can only be happy and proud of every single day I gave against it.

Proved me wrong: Flight attendants are not dumb.

Graduation day

I thought flight attendants were servers up in the air, and being a waitress was not in my plans but after cleaning dirty butts back in the US, being a waitress wasn’t that bad.
I had no idea how wrong I was, until I had to actually study a bunch of manuals and learn first aid practices to become one. This job requires body- and strong-minded candidates… As part of the training I remember being locked in a reduced space room with 22 other candidates doing CPR compressions to training dolls, doors and windows steamy, some of the candidates fainted, and no matter what you couldn’t stop the compressions… we were trained for saving lives at an unusual environment.

CPR Training

First impression counts

I met a new crew every flight, let’s say that I had 13 flights a month, that’s 78 crew members (let’s assume all flights were on Boing 737-800)

That’s a lot of people every month, but guess what, I met remarkable people, you always want to be remembered by your crew, so you do your best at being nice in order to make a great connection. Or you can either choose to be a schmuck and being remembered by being an ass… You could just choose who you wanted to be evey single flight.

Latin America, we’re a family

Visiting other places in Latin America for the fisrt time made me realize I could still feel like in home, food everywhere was delicious but let’s say I could notice the conection we all have on how to prepare our dishes, or how we celebrate our Holidays, and how hardworking we all are, of course, I could see different cultures, but our spanish language with several accents makes us a whole big family. We have almost the same backgroung story we can’t hide, we were all colonized, we’re all the same. That made me proud. Now I get it when in the US they think all latinos are Mexicans… can blame them for that.

Quality of life

This might sound a little dangerous now during this Pandemic, but I could get used to sleep at a different hotel room every 3 days…

Life was fancy: Enjoyed the room service, shopping in the USA, spending Xmas in Uruguay, Fiestas Patrias in Mendoza Argentina, running errands in Mexico, partying in Las Vegas, Halloween in New Orleands, dating in California… And I’m just speaking for the 15 months this job lasted, and the best of all… all the aboved were on my working hours. LEGIT AH?!

Anyways, I don’t want to bore you with how amazin this job was for me… Now I’m working from home, as a Marketing assitant which I also love, but trust me, I wish I was somewhere else right now…

I’m still adjusting to this new lifestyle of a regular monday-through-friday work schedule, I miss having a different schedule every week… but I know these changes are for the best, and for what’s to come…

Stay safe, stay home,


2 thoughts on “Flight Attendants are not DUMB!

    1. Hey Yarlenys, it depends on the airline you’re applying, but generally you need to be 100% healthy and in a good shape, dominate 2 or more languages, be patient and have great customer service skills. Some airlines require an specific height and good appearance.
      Good luck!


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