Who have I been waiting?

A as teenager, I wanted to know what it’s like to be loved by someone, and also used to write poems about it to every single guy I liked. Of course they didn’t know about it as they never paid attention to me because I was weird. But somehow in the very inside I had […]

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Clases de Salsa, La Chorrera

Amo bailar y desde que tuve la oportunidad de aprender a bailar en pareja en Dancing With the Stars Panamá, se despertó en mí ese deseo de seguir perfeccionando mi técnica tanto de “frame” como de conexión además de saber dejarme llevar por un “lead”. Viviendo en California tuve la oportunidad de aprender las bases de […]

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The Wedding Proposal

Time flies… when we were kids we used to compete with other kids to see who has the coolest and most expensive toys and now as adults we compete to see who gets the fanciest wedding proposal; and to me has been really fun to see all kinds of proposals very well arranged by whom […]

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