Fixing the “American in me”

Since I moved to the US I’ve been struggling with my body weight. I got there with 124 pounds and in less than 3 month I’ve had gained 12 pounds.                                            Being there, I used to workout at home, but it wasn’t enough at all, so I started going to the gym, along with boxing classes, I remember working out twice a day, I even had the help from a very nice coach in nutrition and I could finally see the light, I looked better, I felt better, but your body always wants more, so I got to the point when felt  the workouts at the gym were boring and that’s how I got introduced to the crossfit where I could finally see a toned, and stronger me.

My problem has been always that I want to see results right away, and what I’ve noticed living in California is that I was stuck on the 130 pounds, I couldn’t lose any other pound; man food over there it’s just too delicious!!, But I’m pretty sure the climate conditions had also a lot to do with it.

Dieting in the US was a torture, I had to bring my own food everywhere, I had to say no to SOME drinks, no desserts, and it was sad to see the rest of the humanity enjoying the delicious food in front of your eyes.

Somehow I had a hunch that being in Panama it was going to be a lot easier… and GUESS WHAT?? I WAS RIGHT!!

I got to Panama 25 days ago with 134 pounds and started right away dieting and working out (crossfit). I have to admit that I cheated almost every other weekend with a drink or sugar and still and voila! Lost 6 pounds, and the best part is that I could finally go below the 130, I’m 128 pounds and I’m working hard to get to those 125 and fit in those old jeans!!

Was it the climate condition? Was it the food? I don’t know, but it worked and I’m so glad to be back.

Dear American friends: you should come to Panama and train hard and get some results; I assure you will get faster and better results than in your country.

Dear Panamanian friends: DON’T BE LAZY AND STOP USING YOUR PHONE AT THE GYM!! You have everything to get results! Just focus!


2 weeks progress  in California- 130 pounds 
2 weeks progress in Panama- 128 pounds. 

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