Sexy & Guilty

I was raised Catholic… I was a believer… I wanted to do the right thing, that’s why I always did as I was told. My parents avoided talking to me about sex, they thought: “the least she knows the better”. That was me: A 22 year old virgin at college. No experience with boyfriends or … More Sexy & Guilty


En mi artículo anterior les compartí mi experiencia como Au Pair, pero en éste quisiera ilustrarle más sobre el proceso de admisión. QUIERO IRME CON MI OPORTUNIDAD, QUE ES LO PRIMERO DE DEBO HACER? Lo primordial es descubrir si cumples con los Requisitos: ✔ tienes entre 18 -26 años de edad ✔ tienes título de … More MI OPORTUNIDAD PANAMÁ, MI PROCESO DE ADMISIÓN PASO A PASO

Ecstasy Éxtasis

A place in time where nothing else exist, just me and him, one bedroom, one bed. Laying naked on top of him I perceive a peaceful silence in my soul; my brain is blank but my heart it’s full of joy… Breathing his same air, I just stop being myself… I’m not myself anymore, I’m … More Ecstasy Éxtasis

2019 Los Angeles

LET GO… “Don’t be afraid of being sexy, or feeling confidence…” I remember feeling shy that day…I wasn’t sure about this… it was a long time not having contact with this photographer, so it took a few seconds to get comfortable. I remember thinking: “Am I beautiful enough? I’m barely wearing make-up…, I have pimples… … More 2019 Los Angeles